Hey Changemakers, 

Thanks for joining my journey. 

It was one lazy night in Cambodia, where I came across the documentary ‘The True Cost’ that changed the path of the unconscious consumerist lifestyle I was on that always wanted a bargain and thus with it created the birth of EME.

I’ve consistently watched how the world cares about what we put in our bodies, yet no one takes a step back to think about what happens with the clothes we buy, the textiles we invest in, or most importantly the people who are paid/unpaid to make them.

With the fashion industry being the fourth most polluting industry in the world, I decided I needed to take a stand and start educating myself on what I spend my money on. In the coming weeks, I found it incredibly difficult to find brands that are ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’, that pay their workers a fair and living wage, and don’t cost my weekly income as a poor, student loan fuelled grad.

So that’s where Ethical Made Easy comes in -Ethical Fashion Made Easy. If you want to learn more about ethical fashion, sustainable lifestyle options and Movers and Shakers who are changing the way we view things and the background stories behind brands then follow me on this journey.

Together, we can make a difference.

If you have any questions, queries, concerns or just want to say hi feel free to flick me a message as I’m always up for a chat.

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This blog is about demanding transparency from brands, so I figure why not be willing to do the same? I will only ever feature brands that I 100% believe are making a difference in the world and are of a quality that I would purchase myself. For some posts I purchase the clothing myself, and others are products I’ve been sent and then I've tested out the quality to see if they hold up to my expectations.

Being sent something doesn’t automatically mean I post about it. if I get sent a product and I don’t believe it matches the standard I expect, it will never feature. And lastly, if I am paid to write a post (which essentially means being paid for the time it takes me to research and curate them), this will also be clearly stated with a ‘in collaboration with’ at the end of a post.
Or perhaps, I’ll say 'Proudly Partnered' instead, because that’s exactly what it is - a proud partnership between myself and ethical brands I love. 

For some, this may be a little too much information. But for me, I believe transparency is key. If you have any questions, or want to know more about why I demand transparency from myself, people and brands alike, flick me an email. I’d love to connect.