Ahimsa Collective

Ahimsa Collective have created a sustainable accessories label using both deadstock and Pinatex to create a product that is both vegan, and good for the environment. 

Often I see mainstream brands promoting their items as vegan alternatives to leather, except all they offer is a product made from plastic. So it's a often a challenge to find accessories that are ethically made, sustainable and cruelty-free. This is where Ahimsa Collective comes in, they have created a product that ticks all three of those values and also looks good. 

If you're anything like me and don't know what Ahimsa means, let me indulge you. 
'Ahimsa' means respect for all living things and the avoidance of violence towards others in hindu. The 'collective' part within Ahimsa Collective is because this movement is a collective, it's not exclusive to the three epic founders, it involves every single human to make changes. 

For such a small company that's less than a year old, they do so many incredible things. From running film screening events to help raise awareness for our oceans, through to creating biodegradable, ethically made, waste-free vegan-leather tote bags it's hard to not love Ahimsa. 

They also donate $5.00 from every sale to a local Australia charity who are trying to do their bit and also give back, which is currently  GhostNets Australia

For those that aren't aware, GhostNets Australia operate on the top half of Australia's western coastlines - right smack bang inline with the tides from Indonesia. They are a organisations who bring communities together to help clean up ocean debris that gets washed ashore. 

I've attached a little video about Ahimsa Collective which if you have read this far I urge you to check out. It's 3 minutes and gives you a greater understanding of not only this incredible label, but also the issue at large that they are helping to play a large part in solving. 


Founder Interview

Behind the Brand with Tessa Carroll


If you want to learn more about Ahimsa, here's where you can find them: 

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