Arc & Bow

New Zealand is a pretty small place, as in there’s only 4.5 million of us. That said, coming across an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that is created in my homeland feels like a win. Arc & Bow however, is based in my hometown, Tauranga, which to me makes it even more special.

Arc & Bow was first released in September of 2013, and has continued to grow since (not surprisingly).

The incredibly hardworking director and designer Liz Turner explains that the whole point of Arc & Bow is to “provide women with a piece they adore, can afford, and know that they can thrash”.

Arc & Bow creates high-quality basics, that are both ethically made and 100% organic. A&B believes that as a company they hold a responsibility to both customers and those producing their products, to set a standard and awareness of both the unfair conditions and exploitation that is too common in the fashion industry.

A&B clothing is made in Jaipur, India under fair trade principals. Some of these include minimising the environmental footprint of garment production, supporting artisans, supporting decentralized production, supporting heritage crafts, traditions and cultural diversity as well as providing long-term income security which supports long-term family sustainability and helps make the entire supply chain more sustainable. On top of this, the factory also plays a pivotal role in the development of female employment through both continually adding more roles within their company specifically designed for women, alongside developing their skills through specialised training programs.


On top of providing quality products that are ethically made and organic, A&B also have a range of shirts that are more than just your average tee. The shirts hold powerful statements such as one I received that I love that says “Not just a pretty face” with a brain on the back and the front. The purpose of these shirts is to reinforce your intelligence, and value as a female with the hope that it will remind you of your greatness and potential, regardless of societal stigmas that are too often at play.

A&B gives 15% of the profits of each tee to Girl Effect ,   a social business that exists to create a new normal with and for girls.

If you want to get your own statement t-shirt, or find a new favourite basic you can check out Arc & Bow via their website. Or follow along on their journey on their socials: Facebook & Instagram.