Argent Silver Smith

Argent Silversmith is an Australian made jewellery business where every piece is handmade by the beautiful founder Liz.  

Liz is an Australian silversmith that has the environment at the core of what she does, and creates the most incredibly simplistic, yet timeless pieces of jewellery. Personally, I'm not a girl who wears a lot of jewellery, so for me they need to be pieces that not only fit into my day to day life, but also pieces that tell a story behind them. That's where Liz's pieces come in. They are all handmade by her which means she also asks for your measurements so it's not a one size fits all, or a S, M, L approach and uses recycled silver and natural materials to create each piece.

For me, I have one Karen Walker necklace with a peace symbol that I've worn everyday since I was gifted it from my parents on my 21st birthday and a ring from the old University college I went to. The other rings I now have are from Liz, and I am truly obsessed. Truth be told, I'll easily be going back for more for myself alongside coming to her to create beautiful pieces for friends and family's birthdays and Christmas presents to come.
While Liz creates these beautiful jewels while she travels the world, she is mainly based in Falls Creek, Australia.  For those that aren't aware, Argent in French (aka Liz's native tounge) means silver. For Liz, Argent is about being able to create jewellery pieces inspired by the captivating hills of Falls Creek, Australia, as well as incorporating elements from the Australian Alps and country.  

I absolutely love the simplicity of the pieces and the level of thought that Liz has placed into ensuring she knows where her raw materials come from, especially as this is a key part of Ethical Made Easy.
For Argent Silversmith, the metals that are used are recycled and from Australian origin, the wood is recline from Blackwood and Red Ironbark offcuts. The pearls and opals were selected carefully with the knowledge of sourcing and ethical production. So from materials through to it creation the people in the process were all paid and treated fairly for their craft. 




Liz Herman from Argent Silver Smith


One other thing, there's nothing better then when you get a compliment on what you are wearing to be able to then tell the person where it's made, by whom and the values behind the company - as opposed to the "Thanks! I got it for $9 at *insert fast fashion brand*" and in the last few weeks of wearing my rings from Argent Silversmith, there's been a lot of that.

Every piece is also incredibly affordable,  so if you've been on the hunt for ethically made, simplistic jewellery that doesn't cost the earth or the people who make it - Argent Silversmith is your girl. 

PS. Liz has been an absolute legend and is offering you all a further 10% OFF all pieces, (I don't make anything from this, it's purely for you guys) so if you are wanting to get yourself something, or you want to gift someone something, use the code ETHICALMADEEASY at checkout for 10% OFF.

That code doesn't expire, so make sure you only invest in quality items as you need them. While I'm all about featuring beautiful brands doing great things, I want to encourage you to only purchase new things as you NEED them. 
 *  This post is in collaboration with Argent Silver Smith.