Bohome + Roam

If you are reading this, I have no doubt that you will fall in love with Bohome + Roam as soon as you open their about page on their website. Their first three paragraphs had me completely captivated, so rather than trying to do it justice here it is in all it's beauty:  

"The fact that you’re reading this, tells me that you’re a curious, caring, and special human. You have a unique personal style and believe in blending luxury while living life free-ly. Am I right?

You believe in pieces that are handcrafted with high quality materials and designed to be loved and treasured for many years. A piece of art for your Bohome or for you to take on adventures (whether you are roaming near or far)

Or questions like, ‘How was it made? Where was it made? What was the impact the making of this had on the environment? What story does it tell?’ We love to ask these types of questions too."

I don't know about you, but reading an about page of a business that not only talks on a human level and acknowledges your personal values, but also shows that there is someone behind the business and that they themselves hold them too is something I was immediately drawn to with Bohome. They hold so much integrity in the work they do and the artisans they interact with that. In fact, Bohome and Roam are built upon the founder's Aimee and Dave's personal values of respect, integrity, and transparency. 

For those still wondering what Bohome and Roam do, they create and sell a unique collection of bohemian inspired homewares, jewellery, and accessories. All of the artisans and suppliers they work with respect Fair Trade principles.

Within the Bohome and Roam website, you can shop by products or by artisans however regardless, you are able to learn about the story behind each product and know that it is made ethically at every turn. Another amazing thing that Bohome does, is offer products based on price. So you can shop via how much you want to spend, something which is the ethical fashion space is sometimes quite hard to do. Bohome + Roam was founded ‘out of aspiration to live more freely, more sustainably and more connected with the planet, humans, body, and soul.’ Which completely aligns with their ethos being  ‘to create a lifestyle where both design and ethics are not compromised, and to inspire other humans to do the same. All of the items they sell are ethically made and only sourced from suppliers who follow fair trade principles.



Aimee Kay from Bohome + Roam

On top of all the incredible artisans they already work with, Bohome recently launched their Maharani collection of sunglass chains. These chains are carefully crafted in Jaipur, India in collaboration with underprivileged and marginalised artisans. The silversmiths that make these pieces have migrated from a village in West Bengal and while they are highly skilled, they were in search of a better livelihood.

The story about Mr Arun, the Team Leader, and Expert Silversmith is one I urge you all to read. We are often so disassociated with the people who make the things we love and use every day, so being able to read about the people behind the products makes each piece something so special and becomes an item we treasure. Well, at least I know this is true for myself. 

While Bohome & Roam is a New Zealand based business, they do ship worldwide so fear not if you are not from this part of the world. Fellow kiwis however, you now have a one stop ethical shop for all your gifting needs.

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