Bras Without Wires

I was approached by Stephanie to test out her brand ‘Bras without Wires’, with the premise that I’d be giving a completely open and honest opinion of them to you. I don’t think she expected to get in contact with someone who has always had trouble trying to find a bra that is both supportive and comfortable (to all you big busted gals, you'll get me). 

I’m so grateful she did though because these bras have really changed what I have assumed was just a normal feeling of uncomfort from bras in my life. Turns out you don’t actually have to feel uncomfortable in order to be supported, who knew? 

The bra’s don’t just stop with their design and comfort factor though, they are both made ethically and with sustainability in mind. Bras without Wires was founded in 2013 with an incredibly moving story behind it. I’ll leave that to the Beyond the Brand interview with Stephanie for that one though.

Every bra is made from organic cotton with the notion that it is “fit-for-purpose”, meaning it’s fine for women undergoing radiotherapy but it’s not considered a cancer bra. This is itself is something I didn’t know was needed, and I hope that most of you haven’t had the experience of having, but for those who do this is an option that is filling a niche that Stephanie was struggling to find herself.

Bras without wires go off the idea that all breasts should be healthy ones. With this in mind, $1 from every bra sold is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help contribute to the research that will find a cure.

If you want to invest in your own bra, you can do so on their website or follow them on their Instagram.