Citizen Wolf

-Every T-shirt tells a story. Create yours. 

It never really crossed my mind that a T-shirt could be made to fit you perfectly. Maybe this was because I was used to buying mine from places like Glassons and Kmart, or perhaps it was because I had admitted defeat with the fact that my boob-waist-hip ratio is very unlike most people and therefore nothing ever fit me perfectly.

Like most great brands I find, Instagram seems to be at play and Citizen Wolf is no exception to the rule. A few months back, trolling through many a story I came across Citizen Wolf via the one and only Faye Delanty (I was lucky enough to do an interview with her which you can check out here) and since then my love affair with Citizen Wolf was born.

Citizen Wolf begins with your ordinary T-shirt, and creates an ethically and sustainably made shirt that is tailored to your own body. Their philosophy is all about buying better by buying less, which means you get a product you are 100% happy with and you are saving the environment at the same time by not using up resources you don’t need.

For Citizen Wolf, Ethical is mandatory with all of their mills, seamstresses and resources being audited, paid above average piece rates and certified cruelty-free. Sustainability is also a non-negotiable, meaning that the utilise deadstock fabrics where they can, they are on their way to becoming a zero-waste company AND they preshrink every T-shirt so that they can guarantee that they are stable in the wash.

Citizen Wolf is a purchase that you intentionally buy because it fills a need in your world. As it’s a custom tee it takes up to 14 days for the shirt to be delivered to you -a brand that epitomises slow fashion in the right way in my opinion, yet the anticipation to finally own a shirt that fits you in all the right places is definitely worth the wait I promise you.

If you want to invest in your own tee, designed perfectly for your body you can do so on their website. Or you can follow Citizen Wolf’s journey on their socials via Instagram, and Facebook.