I don’t know about you but I’ve been using those green and yellow scrub/cloth combo things since I moved out of home and had to start cleaning the house myself. I never really thought about the impact those cloths that I throw out at the end of every month have on the environment long after I’ve disposed of them. That was until I was approached by ENJO to have a go at using their kitchen cleaning cloths. ENJO’s products last up to three years by simply chucking them in the wash once you’ve done cleaning with it in one of the laundry bags they provide so I was pretty keen to give them a go.

Founded in Austria in 1985, ENJO has kept with their core beliefs and maintain their manufacturing in their homeland. Their products are chemical-free and made with all-natural fibre which means it’s a great alternative to plastic alternatives. They go off the premise that dirt and bacteria can be lifted from your home without the use of chemicals, and that the unique fibres of their products are enough to take the grime off. With claims like these, I always like to put them to my own test, and I can happily say that after a week of cooking what usually required a ‘spray and walk away’ now just needs some water on the cloth and its happy days.

They have both cleaning and drying cloths and they have colour coordinated everything so you know what cloths are for what area of the house. If you are a bit iffy on the idea of not using cleaners such as disinfectant ENJO goes on to say that ‘bacteria can’t grow on surfaces that are clean and dry’, plus there’s also the documentary called ‘The Human Experiment‘ which is pretty interesting and worth a watch in its own right.On top of this, ENJO is environmentally focused and are actively seeking out new and innovative ways that they can minimise their impact on the planet which is pretty sweet.

These ENJO products, in my opinion, they are a pretty handy solution to liquid spray kitchen cleaners, cloths, sponges and scourers, as well as paper towels and drying cloths. Although they are pricey in comparison to the everyday plastic ones that you throw out after a few times cleaning with it, I think ENJO is definitely worth the switch and the investment considering how long they last for, the quality that they contain and the benefit they have to the environment.

If you want to know more about ENJO you can check them out here.

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