Frank & Dollys

Frank & Dolly's is an Australian clothing label created by Joel and Rachel Cooper.  Joel and Rachel have always had creativity bursting at the seams so it's no surprise that they have created a label shaped about wild adventures, happiness and pieces with soul. 

What began in 2005 as a boutique design label has since grown into a range of feminine clothing that is sold both online and by stockists all around Australia.

Frank & Dolly's began with Rachel selling handmade clothing she'd created and has since expanded to working with artisans in Indonesia - more on that in the beyond the brand interview here. Frank & Dolly's prides themselves on the fact that every piece they create has a story, and that every garment is ethically made. 

Rachel was taught to sew by her mother Jane, who was taught by her mother Dolly. The name behind Frank & Dolly's comes from Rachel's Nanna and Popa. Dolly was a seamstress and fell in love after meeting Frank when making shirts in the war. 



Joel Cooper from Frank & Dollys

After working so tirelessly over the last 13 years on such an incredible and timeless label, Joel and Rachel (along with their three kids) are dedicating 2018 to a year of adventure.

Not only are they exploring other parts of the world, but they are designing the new collections and prints as they go. In their words "it’s about living beautifully and filling our precious days with design, truth, family, travel, art, music, inspiration and justice" and I couldn't agree more. 


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