Good & Clean Deodorant

Do Good, Get Clean

Say hello to your new favourite deodorant. Well at least, it’s been my favourite for the last year and a half and I’m never going back.

Good & Clean uses only natural, and vegan ingredients and are 100% cruelty-free.

I bike to work most mornings which is a 40 minutes journey, and this stuff works its magic big time.
While other natural deodorants smell way too alternative for my liking, give me rashes or simply don’t work I’ve found that for my skin type Good & Clean really works for me and will be what I continue to use for months to come.

Another amazing thing is that all four of the scents are so divine I spend each morning picking the one I want to use for the day, it’s almost like a perfume in itself.

The founder Candice is an environmental scientist, so it’s only natural that all these products have the environment as a central priority for creating the products. All the deodorants and packaged in aluminium tins which are infinitely reusable and at the beginning of 2019 they are going to be introducing a refill program. So you can send the tins back, and they’ll refill them and send them back.

Good & Clean also use Sendle which is Australia’s first carbon-neutral shipping service and they also donate 10% of every sale to conservations projects.

The conservation projects include: 

If you are new to the importance of natural deodorant I couldn’t recommend a better place to start then with Good & Clean.