Harly Jae

The explore tab feature on Instagram has to be one of my all time favourite places that I will be if I’m going to be spending time on Instagram, especially because I get to come across incredibly beautiful labels with a purpose such as Harly Jae.

Harly Jae is a slow fashion brand designed and made in Canada. The pieces are created with feminine vintage inspired designs, with the overall goal to create pieces that can last over many seasons.

Slow Fashion is something that Harly Jae fully encompasses. The most important place to begin with any garment is at the design. Harly Jae’s designs are created from looking at ‘vintage pieces and styles that have been popular for many years for inspiration’. Their aim is to create pieces that won’t go out of style one season after the next, so they spend their time ensuring the garment hold true to those timeless elements.

The fabric is chosen based on minimising the impact on the environment while not compromising on the fit and last of the garments. As the production of each garment is made locally in Vancouver, BC it allows for great quality control with little pollution that would otherwise derive from transportation. Laïla, the founder, is able to interact with the sewers,  and she’s also able to ensure that they are paid a fair wage.

To finish it off, any Harly Jae garment you received is packaged in eco-friendly packaging. From the labels that are made from organic cotton, to the hangtags and promotional material that are all printed on eco-friendly paper.

What I love most about Harly Jae is that they are more than just clothes. They are about  ‘the small changes, the journey to discover yourself, the pursuit of a curated life, and the constant fight for love’. As the website itself puts it, ‘When you purchase a Harly Jae piece, you are not only supporting a small business, you are supporting a movement of change-makers who are on a mission to better the fashion industry.

If you want to get your own piece of Harly Jae, you can do so here. Or you can follow along on their socials via Facebook & Instagram.