This small business is one I am so damn excited to get behind and scream about from the rooftops. Why? Read on. 

Ever since I first discovered the realm of ethical fashion and the minimalism, natural living, zero waste, mindfulness rabbit hole that comes with it I have struggled to find a one stop shop for reusables that were what I considered an affordable price for something that is going to last me years, didn't look drab or WERE PACKAGED IN PLASTIC.

Shortly after the first season of War on Waste was screened in Australia, Kappi was born. For those who aren’t living in Australia, it’s a documentary series that showcases the true scale of the Australian waste epidemic. It’s seriously powerful and incredibly eye opening. 

Paying $50-70 for a reusable drink bottle, or over $50 for a reusable takeaway cup doesn’t make sustainability something that is available to the masses, which is where Kappi comes in. They offer  swap-outs to some of the worst single-use plastic contributors that are affordable, especially when you think about how long they will last. Think reusables bags, straws, cutlery sets (my holy grail), silicone ziplock bags and bamboo toothbrushes. 

All of their items are designed in Australia and made overseas.  We go into more detail about where they were made and how they source each thing in my interview with the founders Emily and Freddie, which you can read here

The thing that really sealed the deal for me with Kappi wasn’t their beautiful reusables, it was instead their intent to help cafes become plastic straw free with their Short Straw Campaign that they ran throughout Plastic Free July.

Busy cafes can use between 50,000-100,000 plastic straws a year. So throughout July they are ran a Short Straw Campaign where they gave 100 FREE reusable KAPPI stainless steel straws to any cafe that signed up and agreed to stop using single-use plastic free straws.

The thing is, if only 10 cafes signed up, it still meant that they could potentially be removing 1 million plastic straws from the waste stream annually. Which is a crazy amount when you step back and do the maths.

So, if you've been on the hunt for some reusables that don't cost your hip pocket, style and the earth, I recommend jumping across to Kappi's website or Instagram and checking them out. As for me, I know what I'll be getting my family and friends for Christmas. 

*This post is in collaboration with Kappi. 


Founder Interview

Read more about Kappi in my interview with the Emily here. 

If you want to learn more about Kappi, here's where you can find them: