Lilla by Fia

Lilla by Fia is the first business that introduced plant-based dyed clothing to me, more specifically using an avocado pip to dye clothing pink. I mean, I never would have thought an avocado would turn clothing pink, but I guess I also never thought one could use onion skins to dye clothing yet the wonderful Faye Delanty introduced me to that on her insta stories a few months back.

Lilla (pronounced Lil-la) is a small business I’ve admired from a while now. Fia creates clothing that is simplistic, yet practical and transcends those seasonal trends. Lilla is Danish and translates to lilac, mauve or any variation of purple. That said, each season the new range will be introduced in a new colour that’s been made solely from plant dyes, this season it’s all about that avocado pip I was talking about earlier.

All of the garments are made from hemp and organic cotton, which are both at the top of the sustainable fabric pyramid. The fabric is sourced in Western Australia and then manufactured offshore as currently, there are no facilities in Australia that turn hemp into a fibre.

Why hemp?

  • It’s durable, absorbent and softens with wear
  • The fibre itself requires little water, limited pesticides, and herbicides
  • Grow at an incredibly fast rate

The organic cotton, in this case, is woven into the hemp to create a more comfortable garment. 

As for where the garments are made: Fia has designed, drafted, cut, sewn and hand dyed the current collection herself. Which means that every piece you buy, has been developed, sourced and created with love and care.

Fia has thought so carefully about creating a brand that is both ethically made, and with the environment at heart and it’s incredibly humbling and exciting to see.The scraps that are created once a pattern is cut, are used as the clothes tags, with the smaller pieces used as swing tags. The screen printing is created locally in Australia using eco-friendly inks and the business cards and swing tags are printed on recycled paper using plant-based inks.

Fia has created a conscious label that I completely love. She has taken a step back to deep dive on every aspect that goes into creating a garment and making sure that anything she creates in done so with the consciousness that is needed to tread the earth with as little impact as possible.

If you want to get your own little piece of Lilla by Fia, you can check out the website here. Or follow along on her journey via Instagram.