Lois Hazel

Made and based in Melbourne, Lois Hazel is a 100% transparent fashion label that is committed to ethical and sustainable practices. By sustainable practices – I mean her collections often use deadstock textiles as a way to minimise waste whilst also resulting in exclusive pieces. For those of you who don’t know what deadstock is, it’s essentially left over fabric from garment factories that are considered to be pre-consumer waste. Which means that Lois is able to utilise what would easily become waste, to instead create outfits that are of high-quality.

Lois Hazel was launched in 2014 with the aim being to create pieces that are both timeless and multifunctional. Which ultimately means being something that can be worn within all seasons, as well as for years on end.

As I’ve personally found that although I love the brands and what they stand for, sometimes I’d just love to know a little more about the founder beyond the brand and what makes them tick. That said, I’m lucky enough to have locked in one of these interviews with the incredible Lois herself, so stay tuned to learn more about all thing’s Lois Hazel -she’s not going anywhere.

If you want to get your own piece of Lois Hazel, you can shop her latest collection here. And while you're at it, head on over to her socials on Instagram and Facebook and follow along on her journey.