Milo + Nicki

There are businesses that I love on first glance, and then those that I love even more than I initially thought possible. Milo+Nicki is the epitome of this situation.

Milo+Nicki is a cruelty-free, ethically-designed womenswear line with Indian & Zambian roots, designed in Austin, Texas. Their main aim is to empower the ‘ever-evolving woman to conquer her fears, take a leap of faith, never give up on herself, and live a life of colour’. Nicki believes that clothing isn’t just a piece of cloth, instead, each piece has a history and a meaning from the people who made it.

The aspect of transparency and cruelty-free within milo+nicki was something I was completely astounded by. In every possible area of creating a garment, Nicki has done her research and found the best possible solution to all the ‘easy to bypass’ issues to the point where it fully encompasses her brand.

Environmentally: They aim to leave as little impact as possible on the ecosystem. All products are made to order, meaning the amount of waste produced is very minimal.

Labour wise: Each worker is paid a fair wage, ensured a safe workplace and have a sustainable lifestyle both locally and abroad.

Fabric: The fabric is made to order and hand-loomed. The silk is certified Ahimsa silk (peace silk which is created with zero harm to any worms in the process) and the cotton is GOTS certified organic.

Dyes: They only use 100% plant-based dyes for the entire collection, meaning that no toxins or chemicals are released to the environment -something that dramatically impacts the life of humans, animals and the environment. For more info on this check out River Blue.  Any additional printing is done by screen printing, with non-toxic, no phthalates and formaldehyde free, natural water-based dyes.

Packaging:  Everything from the clothing labels and the hangtags through to the mailers is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

They have literally thought of it all and I couldn’t be more impressed and inspired. Milo+Nicki have just launched their first 10 piece capsule wardrobe for pre-sale.  The fact the YOU can support a brand from the beginning of their journey (like milo+Nicki) is something that is so super exciting and so empowering.

If you want to know more about the story behind why this brand exists, and just how the founder spends her day, you can check out my Beyond the Brand interview with Nicki Patel here.

If you want to jump on the pre-sales or grab your own piece of milo+nicki you can do so here. Or you can follow their journey on their socials on Instagram & Facebook.


*This post is in collaboration with Milo+Nicki