Monkey Glasses

There’s not a lot Monkey Glasses don’t do when it comes to finding your perfect ethical and sustainable eyewear brand -not that this thought probably ever crossed your mind. Yet they have been doing it long before it was ‘on trend’.

Founded in 2009 in Denmark, Monkey Glasses ethos was all about “looking good while doing good”, of which they have definitely achieved. Their ‘doing good’ part is thorough -a closed loop, zero waste system that gives old glasses to a centre in India whilst also giving to the Orangutans whose habitat is quickly diminishing, Monkey glasses have all the ethical and sustainable boxes checked.

This closed loop system focuses on fulfilling all parts of the supply chain to the best it possibly can achieve. The glasses themselves are designed for both those who need glasses and sunglasses with styles looks ranging from wood, horn and crystal.

The materials used to make the glasses are biodegradable -including materials such as cotton acetate (which is essentially 95% cotton flowers mixed with wood pulp).  What about the case your glasses come in? It’s made from can and reused paper. What’s more is any waste material created when making the frames is then given a new life by being turned into accessories. The production of the glasses is loaded with a multitude of awards. Which is no real surprise when you find out that for each pair there is only 266g of C02 created.

Their contribution to Save the Orangutan is due to the fact that year after year, their home in the rainforest is being destroyed due to the rise of palm oil demand upon others (however this in itself is another blog post). The last step within their closed loop system is to collect old glasses to send them to those in need in South Kerala, India through the use of the Sebastian Indian Social Projects non-profit organisation.

Monkeyglasses works by using resellers in countries around the world within optic stores. To see if your country has made the list, you can find out here. Or if you want to check out their full range of sunglasses, you can do that here

Alterntively, you can join Monkey Glasses on their journey via Instagram, or Facebook