Organic Crew

-Be Informed, Be Involved and Make a Difference.

I love basics.  I wear them more than I care to admit. They're comfy, practical and make you feel like you look good while using minimal effort. What I love more than basics themselves, is knowing that they are also doing good to the people and the planet. Organic Crew's ethos is about fulfilling just that, but with a more luxury feel and look to the everyday basics.  

All of Organic Crew's clothing is ethically made in Australia, using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton (you can read more about regular vs organic cotton here). They also pride themselves on their transparency, because overall they believe (as I do too) that it's not only a brand, but a movement that represents passion and purpose. 

The clothing they create isn't just made in Australia, but is manufactured locally in the same city as the founders, an hour away from their homes so they are able to oversee every development stage and ensure that it meets their expectations and ethical standards.  

In keeping with full transparency, the cotton sourced for Organic Crew garments is from a farm in India. From there, the cotton yarn is shipped to Australia where it is milled in the factory, then sent to a local Melbourne based sewing house that was established over 30 years ago, before being sewn into the Organic Crew garments. 

The ultimate goal for Organic Crew is ‘harmony with nature, combined with human health and respect for our planet’ and they are committed to not only creating a brand, but a movement.

If you want to check out more of the good stuff Organic Crew does, you can check out their website here, and while you're at it you can follow along on their socials on Instagram and Facebook