Saya Designs

Turning Heads For All The Right Reasons

Looking for a hairpiece that is biodegradable, reusable and gives back? Look no further then Saya Designs.  Saya is a circular business that’s currently in startup mode needing your help and support to kick it off the ground. However, once you know a little bit more about Saya, I have no doubt that you’ll be all in for this epic business.

Saya was created by the beautiful Victoria who has a background in visual after she found out that “some of the most beautiful trees are heavily exploited and many are close to extinction. These trees are replaced by faster growing and more profitable species.”

Saya has an incredible circular business plan in place to not only utilise the waste left behind but to help replenish the rainforest. Saya uses salvaged root wood from old plantations in Indonesia to make absolutely stunning hairpins by hand. Root wood takes hundreds of years to decompose and has little value for the soil. What’s even better than utilising a dead resource and creating something beautiful from it? Knowing that when you invest in one of these pieces, up to 10 endangered trees are planted back into replenishing the rainforest.

“Saya is based on the belief that entrepreneurialism and commerce can keep traditional methods alive and drive positive action.” 


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