Share Hope

“You get amazing leggings, Garment Workers get life-changing social programs” –Share Hope

Share Hope flips the notion on its head that to buy something that is ethical, means that one has to spend a fortune. For the same price as your pair of Nike or Adidas tights, Share Hope offers an alternative that is not only made of premium high-tech fabric but also helps to change the lives of those who make them.

Share Hope is a non-profit organisation where all profits from their leggings go to social programs for workers in the Haitian garment sector. These programs focus on issues including health, education, high school completion, factory clinic improvement, and programs for deaf and hard of hearing workers. Not only is it incredibly humbling in its own right to know you are making a difference to further one’s education, but you have the knowledge that those employed are working in sustainable jobs, with proper working rights and are being paid 1.5 times the national minimum wage. Which ultimately allows Haitians (and everyone) to ‘pursue their dreams and live with dignity.’

If you want to learn more about the story behind their epic leggings, you can check them out here. Or join them on their socials via Instagram and Facebook