The Orenda Tribe

-What if the t-shirt you buy could inspire hope into less fortunate communities?

The Orenda Tribe has to be one of the most heartwarming initiatives I’ve ever had the pleasure of featuring. The whole premise behind it is to create a space where children in less fortunate communities have a place to express themselves through art.

The word Orenda means ‘a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or to effect change in their own lives’, and this is in a nutshell exactly what The Orenda Tribe does.

They take art supplies into less fortunate communities and refugee camps and then uses the artwork the children make to print on 100% Organic cotton t-shirts. The money from the t-shirts is then used to further this project, creating not only a larger impact but an incredible story one can tell others about the story behind the shirt they are wearing.

It idea began when the founder Zaid Souqi realised that one doesn’t have to choose between doing good and earning a living. The Orenda Tribe is a for-profit company, which means that for every item sold they donate a percentage of the revenue to further funding art-related projects in the same communities that the art was initially created in. Initially the goal was to give around 10%, however, this number has been greatly exceeded.

There are a few different avenues in which The Orenda Tribe goes down when it comes to giving back to less fortunate communities. The first is by providing art workshops to children living in distressed communities such as refugee camps or poor local areas. The aim with this is to empower, educate and introduce children to the power of art.

The second avenue is in product development, where they work with the assistance of designers to curate selected drawings children create onto 100% organic cotton t-shirts. The third is through giving back, going full circle and funding more art-related activities in distressed communities.

I was lucky enough to have the founder Zaid Souqi sit down and answer some questions I’ve been asking a lot of other founders within the Beyond the Brand segment. This interview, however, is quite possibly one of the most honest and heartwarming interview’s I’ve ever done. I personally learned a lot and felt more inspired than ever to keep up with EME and my daily goal to be more mindful than the last. I’ll be uploading that in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

Also in the notion of keeping this transparent, I was sent one of the epic t-shirts The Orenda Tribe creates to ensure the quality was something I’d be happy to purchase myself, and it well and truly lived up to that standard. I would say they are a little on the small side, so go one size up, but that's all. 

If you want your own t-shirt with a story, you can check out The Orenda Tribe’s website here.
Or follow along on their journey on their Facebook, and Instagram.