One of the not so joyous things about having boobs is that oh so common book gap whenever you wear a button up. All over insta I see girls looking great in the white linen shirt/jeans combo, and I always look at them in awe because it’s something I knew I couldn’t have without the shirt itself being wayyyy to big for me (we’re talking a size 18 top for no boob gap, even though my bod is more of a 10/12. Happy days).

This was a consistent feeling in my life, until I was introduced to Tradlands a few months back. Tradlands was created with the notion of getting rid of the ever so gaping boob gap, and considering how consistent my troubles are I thought it would be incredibly interesting to see if they really stood up to the test. In keeping Ethical Made Easy a transparent platform, I was sent a few of their shirts for free to try so I could see if they not only lived up to their statement, but were also of a high enough quality that I would promote them on here. The verdict? They well and truly exceeded my expectations on both fronts.

Tradlands was born in 2012 with the simple idea of making high-quality essentials for women, inspired by classic menswear. Their aim was to create clothing for the world traveler, the new mum or the CEO where everyone who wore their clothes felt empowered with clothing that is both timeless and comfortable.

What I love about Tradlands alongside being made ethically and with sustainable practises in mind, they focus on providing high quality clothing for women who value buying something to last a lifetime.

Here’s a little summary from Tradlands that explains exactly why I love this company, and why it so easily has become a key staple in my wardrobe.

‘Tradlands is about you, the woman who knows that quality is always in style, and who knows that one great piece can make a whole outfit. 

It’s for you, the woman who loves simplicity and elegance in her wardrobe, and who wants her clothes to make her feel more like herself. 

It’s for you, the woman who cares about where her clothes come from, how they’re made, and how her choices impact her community. 

It’s for you, the woman who wants her clothes to last the seasons with her, to look and feel as good in five years as they did the day she bought them.’

The clothing is made in boutique clothing manufacturers all over the world – United States, Mexico, Italy, China. These manufacturers care about the people they employ (as all should, am I right?) and hold social welfare and production quality to the highest standards. The people who work on Tradlands clothing are paid a living wage, work in bright, clean and airy environments and on top of that, choose to come to work everday -something I believe is incredibly important. Also, Tradlands visit the production facilities regularly to assure that those who make their clothes are in a happy and healthy environment.

The last bit of info about Tradlands I’ll give you is that they are committed to using the highest quality materials, and wherever possible use natural fibers that are sustainably produced. They also use 98% of the fabric they make, with the remnants being part of a recycling program rather than being incinerated or thrown out as trash. Also, if the pieces don’t meet their high-quality requirements, instead of being thrown away they're donated to local women’s shelters and Dress For Success.

It excites me when brands genuinely care about the environment, workers rights and have the aim to be a leader in transforming the fashion industry. It’s real, it’s important and I’m so grateful brands like Tradlands are paving the way for the future of high-quality, timeless garments that we own for years upon years. At least I know mine will be.

Oh and also, I’ve got a pretty incredible Beyond the Brand interview with the founders of Tradlands, Sadie and Jeremy, you can check that out here.

If you want your own piece of Tradlands, you can check out their website here. Or alternatively, you can follow along on their journey via their socials on Instagram and Facebook.

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