Yuh Me

The world’s most eco-friendly reusable water bottle with a purpose’ 

Who knew you’d ever be able to get a drink bottle made out of sugarcane? Regardless of whether you ever thought it was possible, it’s been done and now you can reap the benefits of investing in a carbon negative water bottle alternative. Produced in Sweden, this plastic produced from sugarcane removes 2.4 tonnes of CO2, for every tonne of plastic that’s produced. Sounds pretty sweet huh?

What’s more is that this 100% recyclable water bottle does more than just be good for the environment. By investing in a Yuhme water bottle, you are helping to directly impact the lives of others who aren’t as fortunate when it comes to access to clean drinking water. Yuhme partners with Water For Good, which means that for every bottle sold six months of clean drinking water is provided to someone in the Central African Republic.

Water For Good is a water charity that has been focused for the last 11 years in the Central African Republic in the midst of the country fighting a civil war. I recently spoke to someone who said that even though charities are a great thing, at the end of the day it’s important for the country to not rely upon it and for it to only be a leg up to help put infrastructure that they otherwise would struggle to put in place themselves. Regardless of your view on this, Water For Good has helped to establish the first locally owned water well drilling business within the Central African region. They further the point I just made by saying “The hard truth is that a US-based non-profit organisation like us doing all the drilling and maintaining of the country’ well's is not a sustainable long-term solution, even if it has been a necessary first step. Our goal has always been to work ourselves out of a job” which I think is pretty damn epic. 

For those that enjoy a more of a video-based insight, check out this quick video to learn more about Yuhme's story:

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