Zingara Collection

Zingara collection has taken my old love of Glassons linen-like pieces and created a place that sums up my style in one, ethically made online store. Zingara is a small business based on the South Coast of Australia that I’ve been in love with since I came across their Instagram many months prior.

As I’m heading off to Rarotonga in the coming weeks, I finally bought myself their Coco Tank in Seafoam and the Vista Scarf in Kahki. When they arrived they were packaged in paper (no plastic, yay for small wins with postage) and also came with a handwritten note alongside a fabric cover bag and their ethics printed on pieces of material attached to the garments. It’s experiences like this, where companies really take all parts of creating a business and do it mindfully and with intention that I love so much and will continue to purchase from (when I NEED new clothing, not due to impulses -although let me tell you there are many).

Zingara collections ethos is around the idea of staying pure and simple. Each and every one of their garments are ethically made using natural fibers and colours, alongside being designed in Australia and made with love from Bali.

They break up their ethics into three parts: pure, simple and ethical, and explain them better than I ever could. So here’s what they say about each category of their ethics:

Pure | All our garments are thoughtfully designed and made using the purest of fibres. It is our prime purpose to create beautiful garments that don’t cost our darling earth in the process. Only using plant fibres in their rawest form that our earth provides us, such as Organic Cotton, Pure Linen, and Pure Hemp. We highly recommend using environmentally friendly products on your garments to keep the fibres pure.

Simple | By keeping our designs simple we are able to help reduce the work load of our wonderful Artisans who shape our garments. Our simple design is also thought of to be easy and comfortable to wear.

Ethical | Each and every one of our garments are ethically designed and made. There is absolutely nothing fast about Zingara collection. The effects on our earth and fellow Artisans in fast fashion are too great and therefore I strongly believe that slow fashion is the way of our future. Our processes are slow, thoughtful and fair.

Brands such as Zingara I am head over heels in love with. Their designs are timeless, the quality will last me many years to come and they genuinely give a shit about the planet and the people within it. I know I’ll be a faithful customer here for many years to come and therefore feel it’s important to help you find ethical and sustainable alternatives to the fast fashion-focused brands that it’s easy to get caught up in.


I was lucky enough to have the founder, Lauren, answer my questions about where the clothes were made and why she created this beautiful brand in the first place so stay tuned for that one.

In the meantime, you can check out Zingara collection over on their website here. Or you can also join in on appreciating their beautiful feed with me over on InstagramPinterest and Facebook.