Faye Delanty finds the latest trends at the Op Shops


I am absolutely fizzing to give you this interview with the one and only Faye Delanty! Faye is one of the most experienced television presenters in Australia and has a heart full of absolute gold. On top of this she is an incredible Mover and Shaker when it comes to all things eco-style based.

She is a Salvo’s Stores Ambassador and uses her platform with The Today Show in Australia to promote secondhand shopping and the incredible finds one can buy, for a fraction of the price of retail stores equivalent.

What made you start Fashion Hound?
It was my best friend Karen’s suggestion actually.
I grew up with parents who were into antiques and second hand so it definitely got in by osmosis but when I lived in London and NYC I was on a tight budget so I really stepped up my thrifting game. I had to because it was all I could afford.

I would devour the pages of Vogue and challenge myself to replicate the expensive designer looks for less. My best friend joked that she would be in head to toe Gucci but everyone was raving about my preloved 15 quid ensemble…she told me ‘You have to do something with this crazy cool talent you have’
Truth be told I think I’m just a savvy little copycat!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
The one I just mentioned from my best friend was a pretty good little nugget because now my passion is my paycheck! I’m so super grateful for that. Also to trust that inner knowing, that gut feeling…it never lies.

What is your top tip for people turning to secondhand clothing?
Well firstly I think its something we MUST turn to, we can’t keep making new stuff without consequence but I think what some people still may not realise though is that second hand isn’t just about vintage and retro, it can be very modern, very chic and it’s a wonderful way to replicate the trends for less. You save money and mother nature – feel good fashion!

How do you they go about finding some of the killer pieces you do?
They seem to seek me out these days it’s like the clothes know I’m coming 

But in all seriousness I think it’s about keeping it simple – start by looking for the classics – hunt for timeless pieces that suit your fashion personality and your lifestyle, pieces that you will wear time and time again.

For me, that’s things like great vintage or band tees, denim, white button downs, black dresses, a great trench – I start with that and then inject the trends from there.

I also DIY a lot to emulate trends

The other thing I feel helps me find the gems is that I spend a lot of time doing my homework. British Vogue is my bible and not just the editorial, the advertisements can teach you so much about a brands aesthetic so then slowly you can learn how to recreate a Chanel look or you know what Gucci hardware looks like for example.

What does your everyday morning look like?
It depends but I try to be religious about meditating and doing a workout. I’m not perfect though.

Then I could be prepping for a shoot with my friends at the Today show – this can take me up to a week to get ready for!

Or getting ready for an event Salvos Stores and I are planning – that could be a fashion parade, a workshop or the launch of a new boutique. Or I could be putting looks together for my website or traveling interstate to train Salvos staff – my days are quite varied which is great.

What or who inspires you to do what you do on a daily basis?
I feel I’ve found my purpose so I’m super passionate about using fashion for good. I love to change peoples perception of what they think of second hand to be, I love to blow them out of the water with how modern and chic it can be. Our Salvos marketing manager is amazing to work alongside he’s such a positive and can do energy.

At the end of the day though we are visual creatures, we can talk about sustainability as much as we like but if it ain’t cute people won’t get into it. I believe in the power of making things pretty – it’s a currency!

How do you define success?
I think the greatest success is loads of self-love – it’s so important to put yourself first, give back to you then go out into the world. I’m still mastering this one, I think we all are to a point. I think success is also about being of service…I read a Deepak Chopra book years ago and that’s one of the things he said – ‘Always ask yourself how may I be of service’

That changed everything for me.

I think success is also to have the freedom to do what you want and dream of – to create a life that is on your terms.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to others starting out (in the business sense)? 
Ask yourself how you can be of service, how can you help, what do you see a need for. Use your unique skills to make a difference. Focus on that. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect, just start and stay positive.

Try not to compare yourself and don’t try to emulate another's vibe, tell your story, be inspired sure but do it your way.

Also, remember nothing worth having is easy – there’s lots of hard work to be done and about 1% glamor but to see your visions slowly unfold is so worth it.

What is one book you think everybody should read?
OMG so many – British Vogue aka The Bible! Haha
I’ve actually just picked up The Artists Way and its really quite profound.

Also when I was trying to make a big dream happen in NYC I read ‘The Power of Intention’ by Wayne DyerI couldn’t put it down and would read certain chapters over and over on the subway. Then guess what….the dream came true!

Are there any other Movers & Shakers out there in your world that you think we should all know about?
I love a good Power Broad. There are quite a few I admire. I think Sophia Amoruso is amazing – a total girl boss and has a book and now a TV series to prove it. She used to be so broke she would get clothes out of dumpsters to sell on eBay – that’s how she started her business and now Nasty Gal is an empire.

But within my eco Instagram community, I’m inspired by some wonderful girls there too….Jen from @ecowarriorprincess is a clever little cookie, as is @sustainabilityinstyle and @amandarootsey. I also think @sustainblychic @fashionkind and @rocket_science are amaze.