Hollie Azzopardi - @hollie_azzopardi


I came across Hollie over a year ago and have been not so silently obsessed ever since.
In a world with so many filters, and on platforms where we generally only show our best sides (guilty), Hollie keeps it raw and real and I love her for it.

Earlier this year, Hollie invited me to one of her workshops which was focused on love versus fear, and it quite seriously changed the way I show up everyday and what I spend my time and energy focusing on.

While this interview isn’t about ethical fashion and sustainability, it’s about something I think is equally as important ~ helping to love yourself and live out your dreams. So if you’ve been struggling to find what makes you truly happy, and to do the things that scare you and light you up simultaneously, I recommend checking out this absolute legend of a Mover & Shaker.


An interview with Hollie Azzopardi about listening to your gut and following your truth.

For those that haven't heard of you yet Hollie, can you take us through your journey to how you got to where you are today?

My life was very different only three years ago, to where I am today. My background is as an account manager for a strategic marketing agency - think corporate, city life, everything I really am not at my core. I worked a wonderful five years in the company and while I was good at my job, it was no longer lighting me up. It took some serious health challenges to really shake things up for me. I always struggled with anxiety (I have had generalised anxiety disorder since I was a child) - but this developed into panic disorder, and alongside it came a myriad of health challenges - adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, parasites, psoriasis (an auto-immune condition I still have today). I spent a good hard chunk of 2015 rebuilding my health and happiness, and realised I wanted to give back to others what I had learned.

I studied wellness coaching and launched my business in 2016, which developed quickly from mind,body, soul coaching to intuitive readings. Now, I practice as an intuitive reader, I am managing editor for Depths of Beauty (helping women love the skin their in and make the switch to natural beauty as easy as possible) and I recently launched my online programme Manifestation and Magic. I am all about starting mainstream conversations around soul work - bringing the spiritual to light so to speak. 

What does being an intuitive mean? What do these sessions you offer look like? 

I use intuitive reading and channeling to steer my clients in areas of their lives including love, relationships, self, purpose, wellbeing, money and career. The readings are a custom approach to guidance aimed at inspiring my clients to make the most of what is coming for them. Incorporating elements of crystals, oracle cards, essential oils and chakra work, teamed with my gentle coaching style, the readings are an all-encompassing session aimed to leave my clients feeling guided, inspired and light. 

No two readings are the same. Before a client arrives for a reading, I tune into their energy and am guided to what to focus on for that session. I could be directed to a certain crystal that the client needs to work with, or an essential oil or chakra blockage – likely all three! I also encourage my clients to bring questions to their readings – from there, I am able to ‘tune in’ to the guidance coming forward for them. No topics or questions are off limits – I have even had loved ones who have passed away come through with very clear messages that often leave both of us covered in goosebumps/in tears!

You speak a lot about listening to yourself, following your intuition and living in alignment with your truth. What have been the key things in your world that have helped you be able to show up in the world like this on the daily?

The biggest thing for me is that when I hit rock bottom with my health (physical and mental) in 2015, nothing about my life was living in alignment with my truth. I ignored my soul’s calling for years and years and it is only a matter of time before the Universe sends you a big wake up call, like it did to me - not only in the form of my health challenges, but I ended up being made redundant from my job, because I was too scared to leave myself. Universe was like - well, if you aren’t going to leave off your own back, we will make it happen for you. Since then, I am ALWAYS trusting my intuitive niggles - because whether we listen to them or not, the end result is going to be the same regardless - we just make it much easier for ourselves when we flow with where we are being directed (by those little gut niggles). Lots of skinned knees have gotten me here! It ain’t all sunshine and roses, this soul path! 

What has been the most challenging part since you began your own business?

You know what, on reflection, none of it has felt super challenging. There have been moments where I work really hard - but I have a good work ethic, I like working hard, so it hasn’t felt challenging in that sense. If anything, it’s people not really understanding how MUCH work goes into creating content, being ‘on’ all the time - especially brands that don’t recognise your value. I am all about no free work and there are brands that think if they gift you something, that entitles them to content. I work so hard to build the trust and relationship with my community, and it is absolutely valuable (remember my background is in marketing, so I GET the industry) - I’m not just offering that up for free (or to a brand I genuinely don’t align with or use).

What or who inspires you to do what you do a daily basis?

I admire other trailblazing women in the holistic health and soul space because they are paving the way for people like me to have a solid career path in the industry. I FROTH on women who speak their truth and run the risk of being ‘burned’ for it. I have never ONCE felt any competitive nature of any kind in this space - everyone is so supportive, we’re honestly all besties and I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by women I used to admire from afar - like Emmily Banks, Ezzie Spencer, Rachel MacDonald, Melissa Ambrosini, Tara Bliss, Emily Gallagher, Tegan Martin, Stevie & Tay, Natalie Warner (from Greene St Juice) and the list goes on. 

Best piece of advice you have ever received?

Do what lights you up. Follow your bliss.

Do you have a morning routine? If so, what is it you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?

I change it up on the reg depending on how I feel, often it will change weekly if not every second day! Lately it has been 20 minutes of vedic meditation in bed, followed by journalling on the beach as the sun rises, then back home for dancing in the kitchen to my High Vibes playlist with a hot cacao or yummy smoothie. 

How do you define success?

Happiness and health. Living your truth. Laughing every day. LOVE. 

One book everyone should read? Why?

The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer. Surrender is my WORD at the moment and this book takes something that can feel so challenging for all of us, and illustrates why it is so important (and how easy it can really be). 

One documentary everyone should watch? Why?

HAPPY. It’s on Netflix. It shines a light on the key conditions for happiness - and basically proves in the Western world, for the most part, we have it all wrong. 

Are there any other Movers & Shakers out there in your world that you think we should all know about?

I am super proud of my little sister Carmen who has just launched her eco friendly/vintage fashion blog - Darlin’ Girl Vintage (@darlingirlvintage). Every woman I listed above who I admire, are worth knowing about. And I’m also all about the conscious men doing cool shit in the world - because this market can be so female-focused and we need the yang to balance the yin! My coach Blake is incredible when it comes to all things mindset (@blakeworrallthompson), my friend Jimmy uses his profile to positively influence when it comes to the environment and soul work (@jimmys.paradise) and my vedic meditation teacher Janoah is doing great things for making meditation accessible and ‘normalising’ it as a spiritual practice (@janoahvankekem). 


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