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-Skincare for a cause

It wasn’t until I fell down the rabbit hole that is ethical fashion that I soon after discovered the importance of not only living sustainably but being aware of the products that you put on your body. On top of this though I realised that the products you invest in can cost the same as those on the market currently, be better for you and do better for not just the planet but the people within it. Akhal is another brand that does just that.

I’m assuming you, like myself, have never heard of the word Akhal (pronounced A-khal) so let me quickly digress to explain the meaning behind it. Akhal is an indigenous Moroccan word that means Earth, and it was chosen for that reason primarily. It honors the origins and makers of the products Akhal beauty creates, and it also communicates the business's commitment to an eco-friendly, zero waste and cruelty-free skincare range. Did I mention it’s also certified organic? Another win.

In a nutshell, Akhal is a for-purpose organisation. Meaning that they use Moroccan skincare as a tool to help ‘promote women’s development and children’s education in Morocco’s rural south.

Why choose education in Morocco as a place of focus? Turns out “over 30% of Moroccan children never make it to high school.”  They miss out on an education primarily due to the absence of transportation in rural areas as most of the secondary schools in Morocco are built close to urban areas. Akhal uses a model much like Toms shoes, where you buy one and they fund one. For every bottle purchased, $1 is given to charity. The charity they chose is called education For All and it is their dream to see allow as many girls as possible to graduate from high school.

I’ve actually spent the last month using Akhal’s Argan oil and I can honestly say this stuff is gold. Generally, with face oils I’ve used Rosehip and the suggested four drops was never enough. However, it definitely is with Akhal’s products. I’ve tested it for a month so I can give you honest feedback but in all honesty, I can’t fault it. I’m not even a third of the way through the product meaning that for something that costs the same as the oils you are getting from the chemist/pharmacy/wherever you get your skincare from it lasts a tonne longer and is not only better for the environment, but helps to impact the lives of someone else. It’s a win-win in my opinion and it’s definitely a brand I’ll be going back to time and time again.

If you want to learn more about Akhal, you can check out their website here. Or you can follow along on their socials via FacebookPinterest and Instagram.

I’m lucky enough to have had the founder of Akhal Beauty, Myriam, take some time out of her busy day to answer some questions for the Beyond the Brand segment, so stay tuned to learn more about why Akhal beauty was started, who makes the products, why organic beauty is important and what the founder gets up to on a day to day basis.

If you have already transitioned to natural skincare/makeup and have any products you highly recommend, leave a comment or flick me an email as I’d love to know what’s worked for you!


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