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‘Do Good, Get Clean’ – I recently received some of Good & Clean’s skincare products to test with the premise that I’ll give my 100% honest opinion of the product. As the eco-warrior princess Jennifer Nini says, why be talking about ethical products without being transparent yourself about when you get products and what you actually think about them? So that’s what I’m going to do.

However, in all honesty, I cannot fault Good & Clean, nor their incredible founder Candice (you’ll learn more about that beauty in my interview with her in the Beyond the Brand series). I spent the past month using Good & Clean’s cleanser, toner, moisturizer along with some of their body scrubs and my skin has never been better.

Good & Clean uses only natural, and vegan ingredients and are therefore 100% cruelty-free! They also ensure the ingredients are safe for not only you to use on your skin but are also safe to wash down the drain. 

They have recently added a natural deodorant to the mix which I’ve tried and tested for the last three months and absolutely love. I bike to work most mornings which is a 40 minutes journey, and this stuff works its magic big time. While other natural deodorants smell way too alternative for my liking, give me rashes or simply don’t work I’ve found that for my skin type Good & Clean really works for me and will be what I continue to use for months to come.

The founder Candice is an environmental scientist, so it’s only natural that all these products have the environment as a central priority for creating the products. This includes using as little plastic as possible (hello reusable scrub jars)! They also use as little packaging as they possibly can, and use Sendle which is Australia’s first carbon-neutral shipping service to send your precious goods. For anything print related they use an eco-friendly social enterprise, and they also donate 10% of every sale to conservations projects. So really they have covered all boxes. 

The conservation projects include: 

Want to know more about why Good & Clean began? Some of the early struggles and dreams for the future? Check out my Beyond the Brand interview with the lovely Candice here.

If you are new to the importance of natural, organic makeup/skincare I couldn’t recommend a better place to start then with Good & Clean. It’s seriously my go-to for all skincare products. You can check them out via their website here. Or follow along on their journey via Facebook and Instagram.

If you are wanting to check out their range, you can get 10% OFF all Good & Clean products using the code ‘EthicalMadeEasy’ at checkout.

I hope you love this small business as much as I do x

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