Our Values

We believe you deserve to know as much as possible about the clothes you put on your body, and the products you use in your everyday life. Don’t you agree?

With this in mind, we’ve categorised each brand into the values below.

Life’s not perfect, and neither is business, so although some brands may not tick every single box, these values allow YOU, the consumer, to decide what is most important to you personally.

Vote with your pocket, and purchase according to what you value most.

Our Ethical Made Easy Values:

01. Vegan

We love animals, and don’t believe they deserved to be harmed or used in the making of your products. Testing on animals is also not okay.

02. Environmentally Friendly

We stand by brands who use products and practices that consider the environment. Companies who cause little or no harm to the planet, are doing things right.

03. Repurpose

We’re big fans of minimising waste and utilising existing resources. Upcyclcing, recycling and rescuing fabrics (deadstock) excite us.

04. Fair

Growers, sewers, creators and makers must be treated as the skilled individuals they are, and paid fairly for their work. We back brands who ensure safe working conditions, fair overtime pay, freedom of association, health benefits, maternity leave, and wages that exceed minimum rates.

05. Giving Back

We care deeply about a company’s drive to do good. Taking corporate social responsibility to the next level, and giving a percentage of profits to a charity or organisation who does good, is our cup of (organic) tea.

06. Transparent

We value honesty, authenticity, and genuine brands who do what they say they do. We understand that it’s impossible to be perfect, in business and in real life, and that’s totally okay. So, if brands can trace their supply chain, or it’s something they are working towards, we support them.

07. Organic

Organic isn’t just how we like to by our vegetables at Ethical Made Easy. Organic refers to the way the crops are grown and the fabric/materials are produced before turning into your beloved dress or bamboo toothbrush. Pesticides, herbicides, and other nasty chemicals, are not our friends.

08. Minimal Waste

Made-to-order, wasteless pattern making, repair schemes, solar powered factories, recycling water and electricity; when a company commits to these practices, we’re there with bells on.

09. Natural (for beauty)