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Maddy Rawlings on doing it yourself, or doing it ethically.

Meet Maddy - she's one extremely talented individual. When she's not dreaming up incredible new designs to help take brands to the next level (watch this space with EME), she's busy turning pieces of fabric into simplistic yet timeless garments and creating adventures guides. 

She runs DIY workshops in the Gold Coast and posts these same creations with easy to follow steps over on her website, The Essentials Club. 

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Staying raw and real with conscious mumma, Abbylee Bonny

Abbylee, aka the legend behind H + H Lifestyle, is someone who we believe the world definitely needs more of. She's raw, real and is doing her best to navigate the world between being a conscious consumer, living a healthy lifestyle, running a family and motivating those around her to raise their vibration and be the best versions of themselves they truly can be. 

We sat down with the lady herself, to learn more about what lights her up, and why she does what she does.

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